WACK BUILDERS WHOLESALE are one of the largest construction wholesaler’s in the UK! Here at WACK we supply everything from: Roofing, Plastering, Joinery, & Building materials. To Screws & Fixings, Silicones & Glues, Wall Ties and Plastering Beads. Not forgetting Tools and Power tools from all the latest brands, the list is endless.

If you would like to check out more about our products head over to our “THE 5 BEST THINGS TO BUY IN BULK AT WACK” section to see which our best buys are!


With over 15 years’ experience in this industry, we are a trusted supplier to our clients!


Our Managing Director – Keith White explains “Buying in Bulk from an independent wholesaler can save your business money” here’s how!


Why Buy Wholesale?


Wholesaler suppliers like WACK BUILDERS WHOLESALE, are created to serve other businesses in the trade. Nobody but us decides our prices! At WACK we purchase goods at lower cost and higher volume, this means the savings can be passed on to your business. The word “SAVING MONEY” is music to any businesses ears!


Here at WACK we are specialists, with great in-depth knowledge on our market. Being the first to know about all the new and upcoming products and innovations in our industry.


Why is it better to buy in bulk?


The most cost effective way of sourcing your items for the need of your business, is to buy in bulk at trade prices from a wholesaler like WACK! What more? You are ensuring you are purchasing goods from a trusted and specialist supplier in the market.


At WACK we are able to offer your businesses the best deals when buying in bulk. In short, “you buy in bulk from us, we buy in bulk from the manufacturer, and everybody gets a better deal”.  This is why we are able to offer you the best deal at lower prices!


Creating your business a better opportunity to offer a competitive rate to your consumers, by buying in bulk.


Buying in bulk is perfect, as there is a ongoing demand for these products within your company. E.g, do you own a building company? You will always have the driven need for screws? So why not purchase them in bulk? Which is the most cost effective way for your company?


What is the difference between wholesale and retail business?


Here at WACK BUILDERS WHOLESALE we are specifically a business to business supplier. WACK wholesaler’s is for the sale of goods to people, other than the end users. This however, is the opposite for retail businesses, as these are sold directly to the end user. Even more reason to buy from a wholesaler like us here at WACK, right?


How do I get wholesale prices?


Have you seen our sign up to register your business section,  http://www.wackwholesale.co.uk/sign-up. Complete our registration form and your local rep will give you a call to discuss a quote!


WACK as a wholesaler supplier will give you a quote based on your order quantity and offer you the best deals!


Your local rep is on hand and dedicated to supplying your business a quality quote! Simply give your local rep a call on 01670 734 665 or click our get a quote today section above.


Can anyone buy from a wholesaler? 


Here at WACK BUILDERS WHOLESALE we are a business to business only wholesale supplier. Our clients are businesses that supply their good or services to end user or for business use. At WACK we work with enterprises of all kind from the larger companies in our markets to the smaller and self-employed registered business.


Signup/ register with us today to find out about our latest deals and products!