Bricklayers Pack

Sale price£300.00


Bricklayers get kitted out with our new bricklayers pack. 

Get everything in this pack for £300+VAT, an amazing price for all of your essentials. 

This Pack includes: 

10 x Wallstarter kits 

9 x 4" x 30mtr BBA'D DPC 

12 x Everbuild Optimix Mortar Plasterciser 1L 

10 x Multi width cavity closers 

60 x Simpson 270 x 47mm adjustable joist hangers 

Marshalltown 10" Brick trowel

Marshalltown 7" Pointing Trowel 

Marshalltown 7" Gauging trowel 

Marshalltown 5" Margin Trowel 

Marshalltown 5" Pointing Trowel 

Marshalltown Pair of Line Pins 

Marshalltown Cement edger straight end 

Spider construction vice versa 5m tape measure 

G-Man plastic saw 20" 

G-Man Board and plysheet saw 24" 

Heller Masonry drill bit 6 x 100mm 

Heller Masonry drill bit 7 x 150mm 

CO.ME Hyper trowel ADS 360 x 120 x 120mm 

Reisser Cutter pozi screws 4 x 80 (200 in box) 



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