“With regret, our services levels are not to our usual standards given the Covid-19 pandemic. We are trying extremely hard to bring them back to previous standards. We are under immense pressure to do so. We need to be aware, the situation is going to be worst before it can get better”.

The challenges we face as a company:

  • Effects on the supply chain of materials

  • Social Distancing Measures

  • Staff Isolating

  • Safety Measures following government guidelines

  • Couriers are working at capacity due to such high demand, we will do our very best to resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing. From, damaged items, goods missing, not receiving delivery on time the list goes on, we are happy to help.


Please take into account that the following points are not out of choice, and we would like to reassure our customers we are working extremely hard to provide the standards prior.


Thank you for being patient with us, we will rectify any issues, problems or general enquires, please just make us aware.


If you are experiencing difficulties at the moment please contact our customer services portal, they are on high alert to get any issues resolved.


Once again thank you for your understanding.


Managing Director Wack Builders Wholesale

Keith White