Our Silicone Spectacular

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Our Silicone Spectacular

  • Bulk Buy Silicone Deal Features:

    Buy any mix of 10 boxes of silicone at Wack Wholesale and receive 4 boxes absolutely FREE!


    Qualifying Products: Stixall, T-Rex Adhesive, Soudal Exterior Frame Sealant, Soudal Multi-Purpose Silicone, GripBond Pro, Fischer Expanding Foam.


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    Product specification:

    12 Tubes of 290ml STIXALL available in colours: White, Grey, Clear & Black “BUILDING ADHESIVE AND SEALANT HYBRID”


    12 Tubes of 310ml T-REX adhesive available in: solvent free 7 with fibres “BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER”


    12 Tubes of 300ml SOUDAL exterior frame sealant available in the following colours: white & clear “FLEXIBLE, WATERPROOF, EXCELLENT ADHEISION”


    12 Tubes of 300ml SOUDAL multi-purpose silicone available in the following colours: white & clear “INTERNAL & EXTERNAL USE, WATERPROOF, MOULD RESISTANT”


    12 Tubes of 310ml GRIPBOND PRO Available In the following colours: black, grey, clear and white “BOND IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT”


    12 Tubes 0f 750ml FISCHER Expanding Foam Available in: B1 B2 B3 Gun & Aerosol “INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS”


    Box Quantities: 12

    Pick 14 boxes BUT only pay for 10.


    Bulk Silicone Deal: Mix & Match your materials and customise, to suit your needs!

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