FREE EDMA Slate Kit Deal

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FREE EDMA Slate Kit Deal

  • FREE EDMA Slater PIck Deal:

    3 TLX UV25 Membrane, 1 Spider construction Ridge Kit and a Free EDMA Slate Picker Features:

    Buy 3 rolls of TLX UV25 Breathable roofing membrane and a Spider Construction Ridge Kit for £239 +VAT and receive the EDMA Slaters Pick worth £100 for FREE.

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    Product Specification:

    TLX UV25 Breathable Membrane

    Approved for all wind zones / BBA Approved / Tough roofing underlay with a very high tear resistance. / Substantial increase in strength & abrasion resistance / Can be used between open rafters & on sarking boards / Suitable for exposed sites with high winds & snow / High tear resistance / Substantial increase in strength & abrasion resistance / Tyvec/Proctor Quality / Tyvec/Proctor Spec / Tyvec Proctor Performance / 100% Guaranteed / Leading Manufacture / Heavy Duty TLX / Made in the UK.


    Weight: 165gsm

    Material: Polypropylene

    Length: 50M

    Width: 1000MM

    Tensile Strength, MD: 420 N/50MM

    Tensile Strength CD: 245N/50MM

    Nail Tear MD: 294 N

    Nail Tear CD: 224 N

    Water Vapour Resistance: 0.21 MNs/g

    MVTR: >1500g/(m2 24hr)

    Hydrostatic Head: >200 cm H20

    Colour: Black

    Coverage: 50m2



    Spider Construction Ridge Kits

    Spider construction ridge kits come in a box and include:

    1 x 6m Ridge ventilation eco roll/ 10 x ridge steel brackets/ 13 plastic ridge unions with fixings (plastic, clips and screws). Roll colour is black, the components within the box are exceptional quality to ensure superior strength and durability.



    EDMA Slaters The best Pick around! The most popular pick we sell! Nail puller / Left and Right bevels / Polished finish / Weight: 650g / Hammer end / 2 sided cutter / leather handle / Point end for hole punching slater.

    FREE EDMA Slaters Pick Deal 239+VAT

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