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  • Vortex & Reisser FREE Tool Deal Features:  


    Spend £300 on Vortex or £350 on Reisser Wood Screws and Get a FREE Naked Tool or Radio. 


    Customise the deal to suit you, make up your own pack and pick your sizes! 


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    18V JIGSAW : DJV180Z  OR  M18BJS-0  OR  CJ18DSL/W4Z  OR  DC S331N

    18V RECIP SAW : DJR186Z  OR  M18BSX-0  OR  CR18DSL/W4Z  OR  DCS380N

    18V CIRCULAR SAW : DCS331N  OR   HD18CS-0  OR   C18DSL/W4Z  OR  DCS391N

    18V GRINDER : DGA452Z  OR  HD18AG115-0  OR  G18DSL/W4Z  OR  DCG412N

    18V MULTI-TOOL : DTM51Z  OR  M18BMT-0  OR  CV18DBL/W4Z  OR  DCS355N

    18V PLANNER : DKP190Z  OR  M18BP-0  OR  P18DSL/W4Z  OR  DCP580N

    DAB RADIO : DMR109  OR  M18JSR-0  OR  UR18DSDL/J4Z  OR  DCR020

    18V IMPACT DRILL : DTD152Z  OR  M18BID-0  OR  DH18DBL/J4Z  OR  DCF887N

    18V SDS+ DRILL : DHR202Z  OR  M18BH-0  OR  WH18DBL2/J4Z  OR DCH253N


    Multipack (Vortex or Reisser 7,800 Screws):

    4.0 x 25 600

    4.0 x 30 600

    4.0 x 35 600

    4.0 x 40 600

    4.0 x 50 600

    4.0 x 60 600

    4.0 x 70 600

    5.0 x 30 600

    5.0 x 40 600

    5.0 x 50 600

    5.0 x 60 600

    5.0 x 70 600

    5.0 x 100 600

    10 1” Torsion Pozi Bits

    10 2” Torsion pozi bits


    Builders Pack (Vortex or Reisser 5,200 Screws): 

    5.0 x 40 400
    5.0 x 50 1000
    5.0 x 60 1000
    5.0 x 70 1000
    5.0 x 80 600
    5.0 x 100 1200
    10 1” Torsion Pozi Bits
    10 2” Torsion pozi bits


    Product Specification:

    Vortex’s Wood cutter screw comes with a recessed double countersunk head with sharp milling ribs; completing a clean easy job.


    With the 7 main features: Recessed Counter sunk / Sharp Milling Nibs / Double Countersunk head / Sharp, Wise, and Deep Thread / Sawfix Serrated Thread / Oblique – Angle gash point / Sharp gash point. 


    Sharp, wide and deep thread featuring sawfix technology an oblique-angle sharp gash point and are zinc and yellow waxed. Sawfix technology means the screw easily powers through a wide range of materials. Sizes range from 1 inch to 4 inches. In the Multi pack and 2 to 4 inches in the Builders pack.


    Reisser Wood screw Cutter is the latest generation of technological excellence. Uniquely designed to give ultimate performance and a perfect finish in all wood applications. The two patented slots (25mm and above) allow the screws to work closer to the edge without splitting. Ribs and tucks under the head enables a flush and tight fit without causing surface damage.


    20 degree needle point gives the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot tropicalized coating dives superior corrosion resistance compared to the standard BZP coating.


    The deep reinforced countersunk head recess allows the best possible fit to the driver bit. Sizes range from 1 inch to 4 inches. In the Multi pack and 2 to 4 inches in the Builders pack.


    Vortex Screw Pack with FREE TOOL £300 + VAT

    Reisser Screw Pack with FREE TOOL £350 + VAT

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