G-Man Classic Saw Pack With Free Gift

G-Man Classic Saw Pack With Free Gift

  • 25 x G-Man Classic Saw and get a Free Estwing E3/20C Curved Claw Hammer - Red Vinyl Grip 560g (20oz). 


    A traditional handsaw with toothshapes R7 and U7. For rough and heavy-duty cross cutting we also offer this model in a 20 and 24 inch length with tooth shape R3,5 and 20, 22 with the tooth shape R5. The classic saws are supplied with a comfortable plastic handle with 3 screws. Supplied in hardpoint finish for all models, except for toothing R3,5 which is supplied non hardpoint.


    Estwing E3 Series Curved Claw Hammer has a red vinyl grip made from liquid vinyl that is bonded onto the shaft during production. This offers the utmost in both comfort and durability, whilst reducing vibrations caused by impact.


    The conventional carpenter’s curved claw hammer offers unsurpassed balance and temper. Made in the USA from high-quality steel.

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