Reduced Ridge Kit Deal

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Spider construction ridge kits comes in a box and include:


1 x 6m Ridge ventilation eco roll/ 10 x ridge steel brackets/ 13 plastic ridge unions with fixings (plastic, clips and screws). Roll colour is black, the components within the box are exceptional quality to ensure superior strength and durability.



Makita Brushless Twin Pack Includes:

Dtd153 brushless impact, Dhp484 brushless combi, 2x lithium batteries, Charger & case


Dewalt Brushless Twin Pack Includes:

Dcf809nt brushless Impact, Dcd796 brushless Combi, 2x lithium batteries, Charger & case


Hikoki Twin Pack Includes:

Wh18dgn Impact, Dv18dgmcb Combi, 2x Lithium Batteries, Charger & Case


Hikoki NR90 Gas Nail Gun:

Fire 400 Nails on on battery life / fuel cell capacity 1200 nails / 90 Joules / Vibration Level 3.5m/s2 / Nail Angle 34 / 50 – 90MM / Diameter Range: 2.9mm / Magazine Capacity 25-37 Nails.


Reduced Ridge Kit Deal

£924.75 Regular Price
£649.75Sale Price


    Ridge Kits Deal Features:

    Order 25 boxes of our Spider Construction Ridge Kits at a fantastic £25.99 each & you will get a TWIN PACK FREE! Your choice, Makita, Hikoki or DeWalt (FREE GOODS WORTH £300)!


    Order 50 boxes of our Spider Construction Ridge Kits at a fantastic £25.99 each!! You will get NOT ONLY a complete TWIN PACK FREE (Worth £300)! You will also get the HIKOKI NR90 Nailer (Worth another £400)!



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