16 Gauge 2nd Fix Gas Nails

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HiKOKI Second fix 16 Gauge straight electro galvanized finish nails and gas fuel cells suitable for applications such as fixing skirting boards, architrave, tongue and groove, wood panelling and fencing. Suitable for use with the Hitachi NT65GS second fix cordless nailer.

Electro Galvanised straight nails plus fuel cells for use with Hitachi NT65GS Nailgun

Box QTYs: 32mm Angled Galvanised, 38mm Angled Galvanised, 45mm Angled Galvanised, 45mm Angled Galvanised, 50mm Angled Galvanised, 63mm Angled Galvansied 2000 QTY

Box QTYs:  32mm Straight Galvanised, 38mm Straight Galvanised, 40mm Straight Galvanised, 45mm Straight Galvanised, 50mm Straight Galvansied 2500 QTY

Box QTYs: 25mm Straight Galavansied 5000 QTY

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