20mm 2.5Mtr PVCU Movement Bead

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Box of 25 
20mm 2.5 Mtr

PVCu beads offer an alternative solution to impact resistant drylining and wet plastering bead for internal or external use. PVCu beads are designed for use externally where galvanised beads cannot be used, or where they are preferred to stainless steel beads. They are often used internally in high moisture content areas or where pro-longed drying out periods may be necessary

• Simple installation •
• No sharp edges •
• Easy to cut •
• Non corrosive •

The movement bead can be used to overcome movement tolerances in plaster and render finishes which minimises cracking in the finished coat. It can also be used to act as a stop barrier for when a change in finish is required or type of render finish.

PVCu Render beads are available in 2.5mtr lengths.

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