Abracs Electricians Cobalt Holesaw Kit

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Abracs 11 Piece Electricians Cobalt Holesaw Kit

A selection of Expert quality Cobalt Holesaws and Accessories in a range of sizes suited to Electricians applications. Suitable for Multi material cutting with variable pitch teeth and expert performance.

Set includes

  • 1 x 16mm Holesaw
  • 1 x 20mm Holesaw
  • 1 x 22mm Holesaw
  • 1 x 25mm Holesaw
  • 1 x 32mm Holesaw
  • 1 x 64mm Holesaw
  • 1 x A1 Arbor
  • 1 x A2 Arbor
  • 2 x HSS PIlot Drill Bits
  • 1 x Arbor Adaptor

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