Bessey AV2 Floor Board Spacer 5 to 20mm

Sale price£71.99


£71.99 Includes 36 SPACERS

Spacer for floating laminate and parquet flooring installations.
Wide contact and support area for avoiding pressure points on the
floorboards and plaster.
Easy to remove by simply turning back.
Very light and compact.

The features of the AV2 Floor Board Spacer 5 to 20m:

  • Dial set up is fast and simple. This is inserted between the wall and the first row of flooring. The distance to the wall can be set by maneuvering the red dial. To remove the spacer simply rotate the dial which will then release the pressure.
  • Wide contact and support surface
  • Precise millimetre scale. Wall surface irregularities of 5 to 20mm can be compensated easily.
  • The exact distance required for spacing can be readily seen on the millimetre scale.
  • Manufactured from impact and break resistant, glass fibre reinforced polyamide, the spacer is light and tough. 

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