Bessey KLI 25 KLIK Clamp 250mm x 2

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The Bessey KLI-25 250mm Kliklamp VIBRAFIX Bar Clamp is an extremely lightweight, stable magnesium, fibreglass reinforced plastics, and cold-drawn BESSEY quality steel. This optimum mixture is characteristic of the innovative high-tech KliKlamp lever clamp. That's why the KliKlamp weighs just 260g and is ideal for assembly work or where several clamps are being used at once. The pressure is also built up easily and highly effectively: the VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism lets you achieve a huge clamping force quickly with just 2 fingers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy fixed and sliding arms made from lightweight magnesium
  • Stepped, vibration-resistant VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism
  • The surface-coated fixed and sliding arms, made from sturdy magnesium, are extremely light and strong
  • The multi-stage VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism is easy to operate, vibration-resistant, particularly easy-to-control, and can be released quickly
  • The fixed arm with the crossed v-grooves holds round, pointed or angular components firmly in place
  • The ergonomically shaped clamping arm made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide is break proof and fits very snugly in the hand

Technical Specification Below:

Sub-Type - Bar Clamp
Type - Clamps
Clamping force: up to 1,200N
Opening: 250mm
Throat depth: 80mm
Rail: 20 x 5mm
Weight: 0.35Kg

Please note this is a pack of 2. Two clamps are included in the price.

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