Channellock 12" (300mm) Straight Jaw T&g Plier

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 The Model 440 plier has an overall length of 12 inches (300 mm), and the undercut tongue-and-groove design won't slip, allowing you to securely adjust the jaws to 7 different positions up to 2.25 inches wide (57 mm). Within the jaws are extremely durable, right-angle, laser-heat-treated teeth that provide a powerful grip. This Channellock plier is made of high-carbon steel, specially coated for rust prevention, and assembled with a PermaLock fastener that eliminates nut and bolt failure common to lower-quality pliers. The possibility of stress breakage is minimized by Channellock's patented reinforcing edge, and the trademark Channellock Blue grips make this tool more comfortable to use.

  • Heat treated teeth
  • Manufactured from high carbon steel
  • Five undercut tongue and groove adjustments
  • Channellock blue grip for comfort
  • Reinforced edges to minimize breakage

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