Crescent X6 Passthru Adjustable Wrench Set 8" 11pc

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The traditional 200mm (8in) adjustable wrench has laser etched SAE/MM scales and a wide jaw opening. With a Pass-Thru reversible ratcheting system that works over the long threaded rod, where normal ratchets and sockets won’t fit. For pipework, the jaw reverses. Simply back the jaw out, turn it around and re-insert. Serrations on the inside edge form a deep tooth pattern that holds the pipe tight and reduces slipping.

  • Versatile fastening tool offers user multiple fastening options in a single tool design
  • Pass-thru reversible ratcheting system works over long threaded rod where normal ratchets and sockets won’t fit
  • Universal design fits 6 fastener types (hex, square, 12pt, E-torx, partially rounded hex, spline)

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