Dewalt DCD796P2 XR 18V Combi Drill


The DCD796 itself is a high performance 2nd generation brushless 18v combi drill (hammer drill driver) that is lighter and more compact than previous brushless models. At only 174mm, it's one of the smallest combi drills on the market.

It offers increased performance and even better runtimes than its predecessors thanks to the new and improved Brushless motor that can achieve a 30% increase in drilling speed compacted to the very popular DCD795.

With a fully metal gearbox the gears are very sturdy and well protected making the DCD796 perfect for tough conditions around site. These gears offer 2 different speeds with 15 torque settings against each speed. This allows users to get exactly the right torque settings for their job and material.

All that and the DCD796 can generate a very impressive 70Nm of torque which make its one of the best size/power performance ratios around


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