Dewalt Flexvolt Mixer Special

Sale price£1,500.00


Dewalt Flexvolt Plaster Mixer. The best 9amp, 54 volt battery, draws out the same power as the corded machine 1800 Watts! Can do 5 bags of dab in a bath! (RRP £600.00) Free with this deal!


Deal Includes:

500 x 2.4m thin coat angle beads

100 x 2.4 stop bead

20,000  x loose drywall screws

3  x rolls of 100m carpet protection film

20 x  dust sheets

12 x PVA

72 x Pink Scrim

10 x flexi tubs

1 x FREE Dewalt FlexVolt Plaster Mixer (RRP £600.00)


£1500.00 Plus Vat (All our deals our plus VAT)

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