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Take 36 x Pro Solve Site Marker Aerosol and get a free Pro solve wheeled line marker aerosol applicator. 

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When marking out pitches for sport like football, netball, badminton, tennis etc., car parks, play areas or waiting areas, precision is key and the ProSolve™ wheeled applicator provides you with just that. There will be no wobbly, uneven lines when you team up your aerosol line marking paint can with one of these. With a quick and simple set up, you’ll be marking away in no time. Suitable for both 600ml and 750ml size aerosol cans.

The deluxe applicator is height adjustable allowing you to create the perfect line and easily aids you to mark beautifully curved and irregular lines. There is also storage space to carry additional aerosol paint cans, meaning you will not have to keep going back and forth to replenish when your can is empty. Choose the two wheeled applicator when marking close to walls, machinery, or equipment.

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