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Title: 35mm Coarse
Sale price£7.99


SAVE 40% ON Drywall Collated Screws and Corner Tapes! The best price you will find around! 

Novovis - Heavy Futy Flexible Metal Corner Tape 50mm x 30m ideal for all angle types. Punched - Resistant againist corrosion. 

 Wall Master Green - 50mm x 30m Angle Reinforcement - Anti Corrosion Metal Corner Flex Tape - Heavy Heavy

 Gypso - 30m - 10 x Resistance - Reinforced angle 

DryWall Collated Screws:

35 Coarse NOW £7.99 WAS £12.99 

35 Fine NOW £8.50 WAS £13.99 

45 Coarse NOW £8.99 WAS £15.00 

55 Coarse NOW £9.99 WAS £17.00

 Corner Tape:

Novovis Heavy Duty Flexible Corner Tape NOW £11.99 WAS £19.99

Gypso Blue Metal NOW £9.99 WAS £17.99 

Wall Master Green NOW £7.99 WAS £13.99

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