ToughBuilt Waterproof Knee Pads

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The ToughBuilt® Waterproof Knee Pads are the versatile solution for wet and dirty jobs, from concrete to gardening. Pliable outer shell protects the knee on rough terrain while preventing scratches on the most delicate surfaces. Closed cell, high-density foam provides all-day comfort. Flexible accordion construction keeps out debris and maintains comfort while walking. A single elastic strap wraps around the upper calf avoiding painful bunching behind the knee. Easily cleaned off with water after every job.

  • Perfect for wet and dirty jobs, from concrete to gardening
  • Closed cell foam for waterproof comfort
  • Flexible accordion top keeps out debris while remaining comfortable while walking
  • Pliable shell prevents scratching most surfaces
  • Single elastic strap does not bunch behind knee
  • Easily cleaned off with water after every job
  • Scratch-resistant pad print graphics
  • Buckles with locking teeth prevent elastic straps becoming loose

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