2.4MTR Expamet Thin Coat Angle Bead

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For 3mm plaster finishes on plasterboard or any smooth background.

Expamet thin-coat plaster beads have been specially produced
for use with all types of thin-coat plaster work, to provide
protection and reinforcement at vulnerable points. The beads in
this range is a special design which makes them suitable for
use wherever a 3mm plaster finish is to be applied to
plasterboard, aerated concrete slabs or blocks, or any type
of fair faced background.
Expamet Beads make an ideal reinforcement for thin-coat work
At angles and stops and give a guide for depth of plaster. Tests
show that the scalloped edge design provides an excellent key

Length: 2.4Mtr 

Plaster Depth: 3mm

Box Quantity: 50 Lengths

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